Occupational Therapy Services in Mental Health Care

Occupational Therapy helps people to participate in their activities of daily life. Occupational Therapy in mental health care looks at how an individual’s mental illness/emotional wellbeing impacts on their ability to carry out these everyday activities. Joanne will attempt to address any support needs via individual and/or group programs that aim to increase independence.

Mental health OT servicesTreatment may include one or more of the following:

  • skills development e.g. supporting strategies to deal with stress, assistance in everyday activities such as cooking and household chores
  • activity exploration and scheduling to assist with social and community participation
  • support to engage in recreational, educational and/or vocational pursuits
  • sensory modulation strategies
  • environmental changes and equipment needs to benefit emotional health

Joanne does not undertake home modifications or equipment prescription for physical health needs.

A variety of occupational therapy and related assessments can be used to assist with treatment planning.

Joanne works primarily with clients aged 18 – 65 years.

Professional Supervision

Joanne offers an opportunity for practitioners in mental health to engage in guided reflection on current practice and receive support from a practitioner with experience in mental health care.

Please note this practice is temporarily closed whilst being relocated to Melbourne, Victoria