Recognised provider of focussed psychological strategies (FPS) under the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative for clients with an assessed mental health disorder under Medicare.

Outreach and home visits will only be considered after an initial discussion with an involved support worker, unless the person is able to be seen at another private agency site. Services are not able to be provided at public health services or public hospitals.

All Medicare items can only be provided upon referral by a General Practitioner or as outlined per Medicare guidelines. Please contact Medicare for further details. Sessions provided under Medicare incur a fee of $130.00 per hour.

Services Schedule

Occupational Therapy Services as per NDIS Price Guide (excludes sessions provided under Medicare items)
Occupational Therapy Clinic/Telehealth Consultation $193.99 (60 minutes)
Occupational Therapy Home/Outreach Visit $193.99 per hour + up to 30 minutes travel time charged (metro areas)
Occupational Therapy Functional and Housing Assessment (initial interview/s + observation assessment - including AMPS + report writing + home visit/s required [online adaptation available])$193.99 per hour
Occupational Therapy Social Skills Assessment (initial interview/s + observation assessment - including ESI + report writing required)$193.99 per hour
Occupational Therapy Sensory Profile (initial interview/s + questionnaire + report writing required)$193.99 per hour
Occupational Therapy Supervision (up to 90 minutes)$150.00

Clients with private health insurance ancilliaries or extras cover may be able to claim a rebate for services. Please check with your private health insurer for details.

NDIS participants whose funds are plan or self managed are eligible to receive supports from unregistered providers.

All prices listed are exclusive of GST.